When buying something for the team, the office, equipment for your work station, have expenses for travel, professional development, or other work related expenses that you pay directly, you may claim your expenses by handing in an expense report.

Please make sure to attach the receipts to the expense report PDF, and that each invoice has our company name on it, whenever it has a name on it. If there’s no name on it, and the expense is below 250€, a simple receipt is sufficient.

Once you created and signed the expense report (digitally), hand it in to our accountant for processing. Your expenses will be reimbursed via bank wire transfer.

We don’t have an approval process for expenses. Whenever you need something work related, just go ahead and buy it (e.g. a keyboard, mouse, led lamp, adapter).

We expect that you ensure that your expenses are in the companies best interest. When in doubt, ask. Occasional audits of expense reports will be done. Any abuse will be prosecuted (e.g. spending company money for private use).

We hope the freedom will make it easy for everyone to have what you need to do your best work and to create and maintain great client relationships.