Workday & Absence

Working Hours

Regular working hours are from 9am to 6pm CEST, with 1h lunch break in between.

Working hours can be adjusted according to personal preferences and needs, provided that this does not pose additional challenges for coworkers.


Everyone at Bleech is entitled to 28 days paid leave and we encourage everyone to make full use of those days to properly and regularly refresh and spend quality time with your loved ones.

If you’re wondering how many days are left for you in the current year, approach our People & Organisation Manager and she’ll be able to tell you. To apply for vacation:

  • go to the Board “Vacation Planning”
  • create a new entry with your name, duration and vacation days (the amount of business days)
  • select  “PM” as approver if you work in the project team. Select “Timo” as approver, if you work in support. Select both if you work in both.
  • Once your vacation has been approved: add an entry in your calendar that says “MyFirstName ooo”, select the Bleech calendar and invite yourself.

Vacation requests for 4 business days or more should be handed in at least 6 weeks in advance and will be decided upon within 10 days. Vacation requests for up to 3 business days can be decided upon quicker, but should be requested 3 weeks in advance. We highly encourage everyone to plan in at least 1 longer vacation (2 weeks or more) per year. It’s very much appreciated to plan those in early in advance (3 months or more), to allow for smooth project plannings.

Left over vacation of a year needs to be taken until the end of March of the following year. Unused vacation will expire after that date. For new team members who started in the second half of the year, unused vacation will only expire at the end of June of the following year.

Public Holidays

As we are a team from different countries and nations, we also have various public holidays. In general there are nine days of national public holidays in Germany and a few more that are only holidays in some parts of the country. These apply to all employees who are resident in Germany. All national holidays are displayed in the Bleech calendar. Apart from that, everyone staying in and permanently working from another state than Berlin or another country than Germany should please inform their teammates/direct report about their specific relevant holidays with a lead time of at least six weeks, so they are able to take them into account for the planning.

Every vacation and holiday should be tracked in Harvest under “Absence – Vacation”. Please add a little note if it is a holiday e.g. “Public holiday – International Women’s Day in Berlin”

If you have further (specific) questions, please approach our People and Organisation Manager.

Sick Days

If you‘re unable to come to work due to illness, please inform your direct supervisor as soon as possible. A doctor‘s note is required after the second day of absence, and is to be given to your direct supervisor who will hand it over for administration.

Please also create an OoO in your calendar and invite the “Bleech” calendar to it.

Other Absence

If you have to take appointments which can’t be scheduled to before or after office hours, e.g. with authorities, doctor’s appointments, craftsmen at home or are awaiting your new sofa being delivered, please try scheduling those to the beginning or the end of the day if possible and let your Technical Lead or direct supervisor know about it in advance as soon as you learn about it. If the type of the absence has a casual background and home office is not possible during that time, making up for the time is expected. Anything else does neither need further explanation, nor does it count against your vacation days. Additional time off will be offered in cases we hope you won’t be faced with very often (e.g. funerals).