About Docs

We are a web development agency coding quality WordPress websites. Our docs are here to share, adhere to and improve on what works for us as individuals, teams and as a company in being a great place to work at, delivering to our expectations and reaching our goals.


The foundations of what we do, why we do it, who takes which accountability and where we get our inspiration.


To ensure personal development and well-being we aim to agree on as many standards as needed to help with reaching our goals, but as few as possible to promote individual strengths. Whenever a standard showed to be inefficient, superfluous or limiting, we will either improve it, or get rid of it and put individual good judgement into place.

Project Management

Wrapping proven approaches in workflows, tools, measures and specifications helps our project managers to build up a smooth collaboration and achieving outstanding results with our partners.


Collecting proven developing standards to set up an optimal work area and achieve best results.


Best practices for smoothly transitioning a website project to the support team.