Services & Approach

We are a web development agency coding quality WordPress websites for creative agencies and their clients. With we built a modular open source system, to make enterprise WordPress websites simple to maintain and easy to extend. And to ensure everything is set for a smooth development process, we support creatives with technical consulting early on.

How We Help Our Clients Deliver Websites

bleech - approach

We Fell in ūüíô¬†with Components

Since our beginnings in 2011, we’ve been working with various content management systems, but with each of them, we experienced the same major issues. The resulting backends either had a very rigid structure, or they were easy to break in the frontend, the more flexibility we allowed.

In 2015, we discovered that those issues could be solved with a whole new approach to structuring website development. With introducing a modular structure through encapsulated page components that group several elements for given content types, we could ensure that all code is scoped to prevent code changes bleeding through, and hand over the flexibility to the content manager with allowing to drop components into almost any place where¬†they’re needed.

And because we loved the simplicity of the WordPress backend, we decided to develop tools supporting our component approach that would extend the WordPress core functionality. All those tools are now combined and open sourced in our Flynt Starter Theme.

The¬†Facts Don’t Lie

With putting our Flynt Starter Theme into practice, we learned that it enables us to

  1. scope code to make changes easier to maintain,
  2. speed up website development through parallel development,
  3. reuse components and improve quality with each iteration,
  4. focus discussions within our teams and with our clients on isolated parts,
  5. give content managers a flexible yet robust editing experience.

Components¬†are no longer just a technical thing, but they became the center of¬†our whole project process and communication. That’s why we¬†name our project development process¬†‚ÄúComponent Driven Development‚ÄĚ, and we strictly follow and improve it with every project.