Mac Setup & Dev Environment

Instead of providing a fully automated script to setting up a workstation and development environment on macOS, we provide a detailed guide with all necessary steps. 

This way everyone can understand the setup better and also adjust to personal need or preferences.

Please always upgrade to the latest version of macOS, before you set up a new environment.

And always have FileVault disk encryption enabled, no ‘please’.

Here is the guide for macOS setup.

And here for the development environment setup.

The previous guides do not cover everything that you need to work on our projects. There are additional step described in setup tapas.

Setting up a new Mac is also always a good chance to create a new ssh key, if you have used an outdated algorithm to create your current one. Check GitHub’s instructions for the current best practise. It is still a good idea to keep your old ssh key around, so copy it you your new computer and add it to your ssh agent, as well.