WordPress Plugins

Throughout the years we have compiled a list of WordPress plugins that we have thoroughly tested and have had good experiences with. They should be installed via composer, making use of both, the wpackagist.org and composer.blee.ch repositories.

Standard Project Setup

Composer Packages for these Plugins

Copy the following string to your clipboard and use it during the project setup step when prompted for additional PHP composer packages.

composer require advanced-custom-fields/advanced-custom-fields-pro wpackagist-plugin/wordpress-seo wpackagist-plugin/acf-content-analysis-for-yoast-seo wppackagist-plugin/acf-repeater-flexible-content-collapser wpackagist-plugin/favicon-by-realfavicongenerator wpackagist-plugin/cache-enabler wpackagist-plugin/intuitive-custom-post-order wpackagist-plugin/disable-gutenberg wpackagist-plugin/acf-autosize wpackagist-plugin/duplicate-post wpackagist-plugin/acf-hide-layout

Plugins by Use Case

Depending on the concept and scope of the project, we recommend using some of the following plugins: