Support on/offboarding


What to do if you hand over a customer to support


Prepare handover documentation of project for support with information like:

  • basic info about project
  • most important URLs
  • special APIs
  • specialities about the project
  • anything else you might think is helpful

Sales (Philip)

  • add to sales-board
    • add offer
  • deposit main contact person in easy bill
    • “confirm” offer
  • automatically created new ticket in overview (coming from ticket in sales board):
    • info-box:
      • offer
      • approval
      • add contact details
    • inform Susann: new bill:
      • start
      • contract period
      • type of contract (maintenance, maintenance + support?)
      • how many hours
      • if needed, special agreements
      • special information about the contract
      • For a detailed overview of the invoice process please check here:

Project Manager

  • document basic auth data in Project Matrix
  • PM has an acceptance paper that proves we’re done with the project (Abnahmeprotokoll)
  • add yourself as Admin on WP-Backend
  • add Christian as Admin on WP-Backend
  • add as Admin on WP-Backend
  • add consultant as Admin on WP-Backend
  • add update in Monday Overview-board with a summary on the project
    • pin this message
  • organise internal handover-meeting with Christian, one Consultant and PM, infos about contract
    • handover with less tickets as possible
    • if open tickets, make sure support understand open tickets while handover meeting
  • organise technical handover between lead Dev and consultant (PM does not need to be present)
  • organize external handover-meeting with client, PM and support consultant to get to know each other and understand, how the support works
  • send message to client: from now on use


  • Harvest set up new Support project
    • check if title is correct ( Maintenance + Support)
    • project code: report
    • add project period
    • project type: “non-billable”
    • add total project hours
    • update project
  • setup client in Harvest:
    • manage (menu on top)
    • now you see all clients and can create a new one if necessary
  •  add client to project in harves
  • send client this link (here they can see how many hours have been used already): all the email-addresses that are set up in the client section in Harvest, can get access to the support reporting tool via this link.
  • create customer on