Create and configure projects monday & harvest

Create new project in Monday

Note: Everytime a project is created in Monday Overview Board will create a new project in Harvest

Problem: Customers are not stored correctly or are duplicated

  • Who creates projects in Monday? – PMs and Sales Manager
  • Who takes care of projects in Harvest? – PMs

New regular project

→ PM is responsible to create in Monday in Overview Board and to create customer in Harvest

  • Existing customers are already created in Harvest with name and address in Harvest.
  • PM may need to add contact / email:
  • Project must then be manually configured in Harvest
  • Project or Key Account → PM makes
  • If support contract is created, Sales Manager files it in Overview Board → then Christian does the confirmation

Create and configure customers in Harvest

  • Email address deposited Christian
  • create new customer and link to project
  • Customer name: use legal name / company name
  • If customer is in EU foreign country, we need the VAT no. of the customer, Not taxable (EU with VAT no.)

Configure project correctly in Harvest

  1. Edit project

2. Select client (if a client appears twice, please delete it)
Important: enter/select the client as soon as possible, so that nothing is lost.

3. enter start date – end date
4. project code: report (support) project (project)
5. for the new Maintenance & Support contracts:

  • Project type: Non-Billable – Enter budget hours + Send email notification at 80% budget.
    → Non-Billable, because invoice is already settled in advance.
  • If only maintenance contract: create as Time & Materials with hourly rate with hours
    in this case send message to Susann !!!
  • Non-billable is also valid for key-accounts; monthly counting setting
  • applies to new support contracts, because billing is done via easybill
  • Project as non-billable – and enter hours + e-mail notification

6. the old support contracts remain under Time & Materials because the hours are billed monthly through Harvest. EXAMPLE: